How to Get Higher Marks in Exam

sample Do not eat just anything before an exam.

You should not eat any heavy meal for 3 hours before going to an exam. This is because digestion of food requires energy. When you eat food, blood supply and flow of oxygen increases to stomach area. The total blood in the body is constant, so the blood that's supplied to the brain decreases. This is why you feel lazy or sleepy after eating food. This also means that your IQ or brain power decreases for a few hours (2 or 3 hours) after eating.


sample Do not stay awake for a long time, the night before the exam.


sample Read your school books and refer to more than one book for accuracy.


sample Do your homework. You can do homework due tomorrow today and do the ones due next week tomorrow.


sample Don't waste your time on computer games or anything else that would waste your precious time.


sample Sleep is very important to you. It makes you fresh and gives energy.


sample If you are not optimistic and energetic, you will not do your best in your exam. You will get fewer marks than you are capable of.


sample Gather all your needed stuff (pen, hall ticket, etc..) before sleeping in the day just before the exam.


sample Do not practice for the exam in the exam itself. Do your job at its full potential at home by exercising from either your worksheets, past exam papers or any suitable source from the Internet.


Exercising is very important; as you get used to it, in addition to learning more about your exam questions pattern.