Using the sensors

Each sensor enables you to do a specific training program in order to learn how to control your body physiology as psycho physiological monitoring the appropriate measures.


Be careful with the respiratory belt sensor. When used the respiratory sensor, need to put the Scotch belt around the waist and to use the Velcro straps to attach the stretch sensor will be located exactly on the gizzard (the black rubber tube about four inches in length). Do not pull the rubber, do not use force !!!! the rubber should be laid on (not loose and not tight). Using force will damage the stretch sensor rubber.


Note about the GSR (Galvanic Skin Response) sensor, it has two electrodes and they need to be attached to the center of the fingerprint pad of the 2nd  finger and the 4th finger (fingers 2 and 4).


Note about linkage of heart rate sensor, Please insert your middle finger into the sensor in a way that the red light will be above the nail and the finger inserted through.


Note about temperature sensor, it should be attached to one of the fingers through additional short Velcro straps supplied with the product.