Using the Software

For using the software on the PC, the customer need to do these steps:

1. Plug in the correct sensor/s plug into the correct sensor socket.

2. Connect the device box to the PC with the USB cable and wait for 10 seconds.

3. login to the training web page by going to the menu Services --> Biofeedback training or by typing the link  in your browser address line and type in your email address and your password (that you got from us).

4. Follow the instructions that you will get in the training web page (if you will get).

6. Put your finger/s inside the sensor/s and run the local transmission software BFA Monitor.exe. Also here you need to type your email address and your password.

7. When the local software will start to transmit the signals to the server you will see the graphs and other multimedia content moving acording to your body signals.

* in Both cases (the training web page and the local software) you must type in the same email address and the correct password.